PR Connections in Shopaholic Book Series

Sophie Kinsella is the author of the Shopaholic book series. This witty and over-the-top set of novels deal with the absurd adventures of Becky Bloomwood. In the first novel Becky meets Luke Brandon, the head of his company, Brandon Communications. In his company is where the connection to what we learned in our public relations class lies. On Thursday, August 28th, we discussed the relationships perspective and seven dimensions were listed: trust, commitment, involvement, investment, openness, dialogue, and satisfaction.

In one chapter from the novel Becky is asked to be a guest on a talk show because she is a financial journalist and has made a strong case against a certain company and their policies. To her dismay, Luke Brandon is in charge of public relations for this company and he is the one Becky must debate against. The usual catch of the book being that Becky actually knows nothing about finance and everything about shopping,  she has surprisingly changed the tide and done her homework. Luke truly tunes into the seven dimensions of the relationship perspective because he gains the public’s trust, shows his commitment to this audience, shows he is willing to invest his time and possibly loose face and money by being open, and uses correct dialogue, finally gaining their satisfaction by admitting to Becky’s findings.

The books are really great and I just wanted to post this connection between a perspective that can seem mundane to such a colorful writer and novel. Visit Sophie Kinsella’s vodcast at:


One response to “PR Connections in Shopaholic Book Series

  1. Yes, these dimensions that help people deal with other people and with publics have been imported into public relations. Nice example, Erin!

    Remind me to show the previous comment in class when we talk about online monitoring. I bet it’s someone scanning the blogosphere for keywords related to finances and inserting the comment to draw more readers (and clients) to their blog. Not a good way to build authentic relationships – more like the first model of PR 🙂

    But see, your blog is getting attention!

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