Collected Tips on Interning:

On September 4th, 2008 in Dr. V’s intro to PR class we got a chance to speak with Kipp Bodnar for a duration of time. During this call with him he spoke on things that employers look for in an intern. Some of the highlights included:

  • Important to be involved in social media through blogging.
  • Read! News, broad readings, or for pleasure.
  • Know your accomplishments and be able to speak on them.

Additionally, I found a post from the podcast Inside PR (#105). This post was made on April 1st 2008 and was on the issue entitled “Hiring Interns: the good the bad and the marvelous”.  From this podcast I pulled out the following important points:

  • Again, active in social media.
  • Volunteer and Service work is key (even if you do not have too much comm experience).
  • Attitude (would rather work with someone with a good attitude than a lot of skill).
  • Have good email etiquette.
  • Bad things to do: Say you do not want to do admin work, this is a stepping stone to law school, and don’t list such detailed info as your Elementary school…

I thought these points were very interesting, I’ll let you know if I find more and if anyone else has anything to offer please reply, I would love to hear more pointers!


2 responses to “Collected Tips on Interning:

  1. very good collection of tips, Erin!
    Now, how about you go to Settings > General and change your blog’s title and tagline?

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