Found: PROpenmic helps with Internships and so much more!

Being that I have not dedicated much of my time to PROpenmic thus far, I decided to try and figure it out by browsing through the different areas a little more. One of the most interesting finds of the day for me has been the group Jobs & Internships.  I just posted on some collected tips acquired from two different sources on internships. I wish I would have discovered this sector of PROpenmic before I posted the blog because it is a great discussion board where students and professionals can go to post, for students, seeking “ad’s” where they can upload their resume and sample writings and link to their blogs and twitter accounts so that companies looking to hire can easily access their work.  For professionals, they may upload a brief summary of their company and what they are looking for along with links to their blogs or websites.

On a side note, one of the companies that I checked out through this group is Affect Strategies located in New York. Their company interested me foremost because of their location and this lead me to look at their website where I found a very interesting press release they did on twitter and the ten reasons why a comany should use this form of social media.  This particularly interested me because I am so new to twitter myself that it was good to see why it is important for companies, who in the future will hopefully be hiring me, to use this outlet. It even lists other “micro-blogging” sites that could be useful to a company such as Pownce and Plurk.

Now, go check everything out, I hope you find it interesting as well!


3 responses to “Found: PROpenmic helps with Internships and so much more!

  1. good find, Erin!
    Yes, there are so many wonderful people and resources on PROpenMic!

    Erin, please go to Settings > General and change your blog’s title and tagline to something human-sounding, OK?

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  3. Hi Erin! A very belated thanks for the mention.

    Per your more recent blog posts…Real World PR sounds like a great program. I wonder if PRSA-NY has done something similar? I’ll have to ask.

    Looks like you won’t be graduating until 2010. Am I right? Please shoot me an email if you find yourself in NYC between now and then.

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