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Blog while you Break

Its finally here for the students of Clemson University… fall break!  And while we blog in class to get a grade i think the break is the perfect time to take a break from this and explore other outlets. To celebrate, I thought that I would post some blogs that I have fallen in love with over the course of this semester. Some lend great inspiration, like that of 12 year old Tavi, others are political in nature like Meghan McCain’s blog, and a lot are just for fun!

Being that the last day of fall break is election day I decided to include some interesting posts and blogs from many different realms:

  • First off, I have been avidly reading the McCain Blogette that is written by Senator McCain’s daughter, Megan.  She writes from behind the scenes of the campaign trail, shows a younger perspective on her father’s ideals, and has some great playlists.
  • Next, I love Meg’s post from her blog PR Interactive where she speaks on a different type of undecided vote, I feel many can relate to her here considering the comments I have been hearing around campus.
  • Teen Vogue’s blog has a post on the Gap “Vote For” campaign with an embedded youtube video that I absolutely loved.
  • Even Anna at Shoe Smitten has a post on the TOMS party-inspired shoes.

Inspirational blogs for me include:

  • The Inside Catholic blog, obviously for my religion.
  • Tavi is a twelve year old fashion blogger and her site, Style Rookie, is amazing, if she can do it, anyone can!
  • One very creative blog that I like to visit sometimes when I’m feeling dull is Fifi Lapin.
  • I have talked about PostSecret on my blog before but I feel I just have to throw them in here one more time, every Sunday the post new cards!
  • The Intern blog for Teen Vogue is really interesting because the interns share their journey of how the got there and then update throughout the year of their experiences.
  • Beth’s blog on Nonprofits is valuable as well if you might be interested in pursuing this as a career option.

Those are some of my favorite pics, I hope you find some of them interesting! Feel free to leave feedback on some of your favorites as well!

Happy Fall Break!


Every Word Is Worth A Dime Because Of Time

Today in PR class we were challenged to create our own lead for a news release. Carefully, my partner and I read through our given release to derive the key elements to include in a single, concise sentence. After compiling our lead we had our professor, Dr. V, read and critique.  Our release contained the necessary key elements yet was too wordy, it was then that Dr. V told us as a class that every word costs and you are looking to limit your cost.  Therefore, we condensed our words to make a complete lead we were proud to call our own.

This lesson not only taught me how to correctly and efficiently write a lead, but also the value of words and how so much meaning can be portrayed in simplistic writing.

Ironically enough while reading some of the latest blogs I am interested in, I read a post from a blog titled Five Blondes.  Their most current post, published on October 15, is by one of the blonde’s named Lauren and was entitled “Can you define your life in six words?”.  Her post linked to many websites, with one particularly interesting me. It directly exemplified the point I made before on how so much meaning can exude through such little writing. The one I am referring to is Six Word Memoirs where you are asked to describe your life in six words or less. Below is one of the youtube videos found on the site so you can see what I mean:

I find this website so interesting and challenge you to write at least one “six word memoir”…

Here’s one of mine: Love Pink But Hate When Faked 🙂

Response to Online Applications

Tonight I explored 50 Online Applications and Sites to Consider by Chris Brogan.  I feel like I must first start out by saying… WOW I am utterly amazed by the vast amount of social media applications out there. It also amazed me how so many people are connecting in so many different ways, technology in this sense is truly brilliant.

Some cool sites I did not know about or use:

  • plurk- “social journal”
  • seesmic- video conversations
  • digg- creates competition and gives stats
  • librarything- connect, share, and read books with others
  • twitter search- type in keyword to find conversations
  • skitch- copy/paste images right from a browser window!!
  • vimeo- had some really cool videos

Sites I knew and loved:

  • facebook- popular social networking
  • twitter-create conversations
  • wordpress- where I blog
  • delicious- still exploring this actually, but like it so far…
  • pandora- I have this on my phone and am in love forever, my Justin Nozuka radio station is my favorite
  • youtube- who couldn’t love this, so many interesting videos

Sites I did not like (mostly because they were not what I have listed below):

  • sphinn- looks cheap and like it contains many advertisements
  • readdit- too messy

Things I found helpful on new sites:

  • When the “about” or information on a certain website is easily seen or accessible.
  • When they state how they are different.
  • When it is evident they are connected to other sites.
  • Most of all, when they are well organized and not overcrowded and messy.

A couple of questions developed while I was looking at these sites:

  1. What is a good basic definition of hosting, I’m kind of confused here?
  2. Why are such sites as twitter, delicious, myspace, and facebook so popular?

Key concepts: Cluetrain Manefesto (Ch. 1)

While it is hard to pinpoint just a few key concepts from this highly informative reading here are a few that I found personally interesting and noteworthy:

  • We are all human beings, we all have a right to communicate openly and freely, not restiricted to manuals, guidelines, or management.
  • You must experience the Internet as a communication outlet for yourself to learn, mistakes are accepted and valuable.
  • Boils down to a “two-way street” or in other words the two-way symmetrical model.
  • The markets are conversations: “word gets around”, “speech once freed is a powerful drug”.