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From Breakfast at Tiffanys to Some Like It Hot: My Blog.

Seemingly unrelated topics:

Audrey Hepburn.

Kung Fu Panda.

Reading and following Cheryl Harrison through her blog and twitter account.

Marilyn Monroe.

Nana (my grandmother).

Where am I going with all this?

So… first I feel like I need to start with Cheryl.  I have to admit that reading her blog has really opened my eyes.  She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even if it includes a lot of OMGZ. It’s also shown me that you don’t have to be so prim and proper. I need to take my writing from Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe.

What also made me start thinking about this is how Nana looked at my blog a couple weeks ago and the first thing she really was appreciative of was the beautiful picture at the top.  At that point in time it was a pretty, foggy, fall day, completely just a default template. Beautiful but Lame.

This all leads me to Kung Fu Panda.  Po and his friends used a word brilliantly and humorously throughout the movie that reminded me of Cheryl’s blog and what I want mine to be eventually: AWESOMENESS.

Disclaimer: I absolutely adore Nana and truly respect her above all… but common’ really, the picture? And finally, Audrey Hepburn is brilliant and probably my favorite actress of all time, but you know Marilyn was pretty brazen…


Responses: Engaging the Blogosphere

Dr. V asked us to respond to two questions related to engaging the blogoshpere which we recently discussed in class.

  1. How would you engage the bloggers in the Edelman Autheniticities cases?
  2. How would you advise a small, local yoga studio, an animal shelter, a small pizza restaurant, and/or a bathroom decor store to blog? Can you think of a niche and an angle? What topics would you recommend they write about? How could they engage their publics online?

In reply to the Edelman Autheniticities cases on engaging the bloggers here are a few of my ideas:

Justin: It seems to me that at this particular moment Justin is most interested in his development as a video blogger on video games. Being that I do not know much about most video games but quite enjoy a tenis or boxing match on wii I might engage him by asking his favorite wii sport or even how he feels on the version of rock band for wii compared to that for xbox. In other words, I would ask for advice, I would ask for his opinion because obviously he wishes to be heard and believes he has something to say about video gaming. After I have established this platform with him I would begin to speak with him on some of his other interests, like the election since he is an avid Democrat.

Victoria: The most interesting thing that strikes me about Victoria is all her experience in blogging and how she has gotten a chance to see it evolve. I would engage her by asking precisely about the evolution of blogs, and emergence and importance of other social media such as twiter and facebook. Later, I could continue this engagement by speaking with and interacting with her on these outlets and also by asking about her home town and various conferences she might attend.

Cindy: This particular blogger seems like she draws a tight line and you need to be very careful not to fall on the wrong side of this.  To engage Cindy, I would explain that I am a college student and was wondering how I could help to spread the word of her blog on campus and give her good PR amoung students who may need help with this issue. I do feel like many suffer through this and do not have the means or courage to stand up for themselves and with Cindy’s help could gain that means of communication and courage.

Moving on to the second question:

I recently recieved an email from Eddie Smith about Main Street Deli in Central, SC that is part of The Bridge at Clemson student ministry. They are in need of a PR representative to help them by attending a once a month meeting, festivals, etc. One thing that they did not post they needed help with was a blog. I ventured further on their website and did not find a link to a blog so I called the number attached to the email to get more information and see if I could lend some of my skills I have learned through class this year. While I have not heard back yet here are some ideas I would have for them:

  • Since they are about student ministry they can post upcoming events and a calander of bible studies etc.
  • Post topics of thought, maybe even bible verses for followers to comment on.
  • Connect with other student ministries at other Universities.
  • Upload their menus and post specials.
  • They can do a recipie contest or a bake sale along the lines of “Goodies for God” and get sign-ups and ideas through their followers.
  • Also, I would want to help them get active on twitter and all of the students as well who are part of this group.

I think this would definately appeal to the students and make ministry seem a little more hip as well, especially in connection with the Deli.

Got any other great ideas or feedback, let me know!