Playing Catch-up…

I feel like I should add a disclaimer to the beginning of this post but… I’m not. Its life and I’ve been living it for awhile without social media and fortunately I found that I kinda like life better with social media.

So… here goes a much needed post. Yay! I’m back and hopefully better than ever 🙂

First off, I need to tell everyone out there about my amazing experience I had interviewing Bunny Richardson, Senior Specialist of Community Relations at BMW Manufacturing Co. We went over a few questions that I thought students might find helpful to know from the “other side”. Especially from a PR and Communication viewpoint.  These are the questions I asked:

1. Please tell us about yourself. Where did you go to school? What did you study? What experiences led to your job at BMW?
2. What kind of public relations does the Communication department at BMW deal with?
3. What means of social media (blogs, twitter, delicious, fliker, etc.) are you and your team using?
4. What are the top three things you look for in an intern?
5. What classes are beneficial to students looking to intern for you?
6. What can students do during college to prepare themselves best for the job market?
7. Do you view students who have studied abroad differently than those who have not?

To the above questions what I found most applicable to students was the fact that the golden tickets to a great interview are simple.

  • Do your research on the company in which you are interviewing.
  • Writing skills are key in communication so show them off with sample writings you give along with your application and bring them to the interview (review them before hand so you remember what you wrote!)
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions… and in actuality you should have intelligent ones anyway (How does your staff work as a team? etc.)

I was also interested to find out that BMW works with the PR team at Jackson Dawson and outside of their interactive website does not get involved with twitter and blogs.

~This interview was recorded but I’m having “technical difficulties” as they say in getting it to post on my blog… any suggestions?~

Secondly, I got an internship! So exciting, its a dream first internship for me.  I am highly interested in non-profit PR and Main Street Deli is a non-profit deli in the nearby town of Central, SC. The proceeds from their deli sales go to a program the owners have created deemed “The Bridge” which provides fun, non-alcoholic, and great activities for college kids like swing dancing and the oh-so-popular rock band challenges.  Oh and did I mention that they only have the best food EVER… and the cheapest and best coffee in town!! I really couldn’t ask for more.

In the next couple months I will be creating a blog for them, getting them more interactive with their twitter account, and other outlets like facebook and myspace.  So keep an eye out and please please please give me feedback and advice!!

Wow this post has turned out to be longer than expected so I’ll spare you and end it here… but I won’t be disappearing any time soon again! I just have so much to share and so much I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on!

PS: I got elfed! haha My friend Augie elfed my roomie and I… so hilarious! You should do all your friends and send it to them its a guaranteed ab-worker-outter!


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