New Years Non-Resolutions

Well I told myself that this year I would not make New Years resolutions… but I kinda did.

I was just going to focus on being “healthier” not losing weight exactly.

I was just going to try and stay a little more in-touch with social media not  blog once per a week exactly.

I was going to try and be a better Christian not go on two retreats a semester exactly.

I was going to be a better student not study three hours minimum a day exactly.

Sounds like resolutions though huh. Well what I see this all boiling down to is that its human nature to have lists, goals, resolutions. Even if we say we don’t have exact New Years resolutions we always have something in mind, something to strive towards. And yes… these non-resolutions have been broken, but in context many have been kept.

Its a new semester, a new year, and I’m ready to be a better person all around, to channel my inner Miss America, my inner Mother Teresa, and my inner Bill Gates.

Who are you channeling this year? Go on, don’t be afraid fill in the blank ________.


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