Is you is or is you ain’t: Social Media Expert

I recently happened across a blog post by Dave Fleet where he reviewed eight general questions he would ask a social media expert, here’s a run down of the questions:

1. Can you give me an example of social media work you’ve completed for a client recently?

2. How do you go about pitching bloggers?

3. How do you monitor what people are saying about you?

4. Where can I find you online?

5. Can you write my blog for me?

6. How do you measure results?

7. How would you define social media?

8. Can you just pretend to be me online?

So why have I found this particularly interesting and pertinent to me as a student? Well, I have put on my resume, along with many of my other classmates I’m sure, that I am experienced in social media.  But if I get asked one of the above questions in an interview do I know how to respond correctly and am I really as experienced as I think?

Fleet gives what responses you should look for a social media expert to say or to not say.  Many are pretty humorous like his response to number one:

1. Can you give me an example of social media work you’ve completed for a client recently?

If you hear anything other than “yes, here’s a good example” then back away slowly. Or not so slowly.

What I have taken from this post is that just knowing social media is not enough.  You must also know how to apply the social media techniques that we have learned.  You must also know before going into an interview how your skills can specifically help that company.  For example, I learned from an interview with Bunny Richardson that BMW does not engage too much in social media but they do monitor what is said about them in social media.  So, for this particular instance, one would need to know how to search blogs, twitter, articles etc.

I hope this helped my fellow students think about what to do with your knowledge of social media.  So go on out there and strut your stuff, but just do it a little more tactfully.  Leave some other suggestions and ideas I would love to hear them!


4 responses to “Is you is or is you ain’t: Social Media Expert

  1. Thanks Erin – glad you liked the post. I decided to go down the humorous route as I was close to descending into a rant about newcomers who brand themselves “experts.”

    And, yes, if an “expert” doesn’t have any examples then don’t just walk away. Run away. Punditry does not equal expertise.


  2. Great post Erin! Especially for students who are learning all about social media…I might have to make these questions my personal checklist and let that determine whether or not i’m a ‘social media expert’ lol 🙂 Thanks for the info and making it relevant to us students! (p.s.: I like the title lol)

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  4. Erin I love this post. It really makes us, as students, consider strongly what we write on our resumes because it may turn out to have opposite effects than intended on our careers. Thanks for bringing this to all of our attention 🙂

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