The Ex-Factor sponsored by Crunch

Okay so we normally think of Valentines Day as a day of love, candles, romantic dinners, and chocolates.  But what about those who are left without a Valentine and just have the remainders and reminders of an Ex?

Crunch fitness center is using your pent up frustration constructively on this day so you can get even, burn some calories, and be on your way to looking hot which is ultimately the best kind of revenge.  They call this event the Ex-Factor and request that you bring in a picture of your Ex as motivation for an intense boxing workout.  The idea is that you tape his/her picture to a focus mitt, pair up with a partner, and go at it!  It doesn’t just stop here, after the class you get to mingle with the other singles over cocktails and snacks. Its even open to non-members.

Did I mention that this is great PR for Crunch in their unique angle of blending fitness with a broken heart. It is definitely newsworthy and grabs my attention!

Unfortunately the closest location to me is in Buckhead in Atlanta but there are other locations all over the country.  So go on get your revenge, its guaraneed to be your most productive Valentines Day yet!



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