Non-paid internships? “Intern Queen” explains why.

Currently, I intern non-paid with Main Street Deli, a non-profit organization.  I write a blog for them, send out a weekly email, hang fliers, and construct press releases.  My reasoning for doing this was that I still would be in school and it does not require that many hours.  Also, it is my first experience interning, and it is with a non-profit organization.  But, in my search for a internship in the summer I have been really hesitant to take on anther un-paid internship.

Lauren Berger the “Intern Queen” herself has given me a little more momentum and wisdom though, on this issue in her article on why students should take un-paid internships.

Go check it out students, she knows what she’s talking about with 15 internships under her belt and all.

(Look for more to come soon on my experience at Real World PR!)


2 responses to “Non-paid internships? “Intern Queen” explains why.

  1. I also read the blog from InternQueen and have a new found respect for unpaid or non-profit internships. Like Erin, I have an unpaid internship at a local arts center and although I love the work I do there, it does require an extra amount of motivation when it is unpaid. But after reading InternQueen’s blog, I have that extra motivation and feel it is an excellent oppertunity!

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