Real World PR: Round Two

I was really excited for Round Two because I was going to attend Non-Profit and Corporate Social Responsibility PR which is something that I am highly interested in and ultimately wish to persue.  Not to mention, I was looking to pick up some tips and ideas that would help me with my current internship with the non-profit Main Street Deli.

We had Kristen Obaranec with the YMCA of Metro Atlanta, Jami Buck at Cox Enterprises, and Lisa Bokovoy with Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. There were three main areas of concentration for the panel:

1. Skills to have:

  • Writing/Design Skills – AP Style, ability to Edit, Photoship, etc.
  • Creativity
  • Internships!
  • Public Speaking abilities
  • Be fearless
  • Respectful (remember you have to pay your dues)
  • *Passion for organization

2.  What these economic times mean for non-profits.

  • Consolidation of non-profits – so many organizations out to support the same thing and now they have to pull their resources together.
  • It is now more important than ever for companies to come through for non-profits to ensure company support.

3. How to get company support for your non-profit.

  • Get support from companies that want to get in the face of your audience because they will have more drive and initiative to be there.
  • Research what other causes the organization has helped so they can stay on track and you are not wasting their time and yours with a pitch.

I stayed after to talk to the panelists to get some more information and the one thing that I really saw in these women was a passion.  I realized that to work with non-profits and throughly enjoy your job passion is key.

If you want more specifics or have in-depth questions on what I learned, I have deeper notes and the contacts for the above speakers so just let me know!

More to come…


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