Real World PR: Session One

My journey of blog posts continues with all that I experienced through Real World PR.  I’m on to session one where I attended Career Path Track: Agency or Corporate.

I’ve always wondered what the core differences were and which route I would be more suited for.  Luckily, I came to a very satisfying conclusion and I hope you all learn through this post what your conclusion might be too.

The three speakers for this session were Renee Kopkowski with Mars Inc., Don Rountree with the Rountree Group, and Hilary McKean with Ketchum Public Relations.  For a really basic differentation of the two I saw that in an agency you work with multiple companies on a day-to-day basis but in a corporate environment you only with your corporation. So, here are the main points I took from our panelists:

  • You probably will work in both.
  • Agencies have fast-paced environments, you learn a lot of different things, and it helps to fuel curiosity.
  • Corporations are more deep, you are helping your company, and you become more of an expert/specialist.
  • A good idea might be to work for an agency out of college to gain exposure to many different ways of work for industries.

Some tips from the panelists included:

  • Volunteer for everything that is offered to you.
  • Think of a creative way to ask for things when you pitch don’t just say “Can I have…”.
  • Have at least two internships before graduation.

We also talked a lot about the current economic condition and how internships and jobs are getting slimmer.  If I had my choice I believe I would try an agency to get the many different aspects of PR but would ultimately want to end up in a corporation.  But, I will gladly take the best opportunities that come my way whether they be corporate or agency.

Hope this helps some of you! Look for more posts to come on:

  • Non-profit and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Presentation with Heather Oldani of McDonalds
  • More than “Invitations 101”: Event Planning

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