Bad PR Example

So I like Staples, I really do, I shop there for all my school supplies and even for my camera and printer equipment but… their facebook page is just not the best thing ever.  Granted they have 711 fans but what are they giving these fans?

Answer: Nothing. Well, there are 10 pictures of different stores but really if you’re a fan haven’t you already seen that?

Therefore Staples facebook page is my bad PR exapmle because their wall has no posts, there is no info, and only 10 just store photos.

Lets jazz it up Staples, lets get active, lets get involved.  I want to see discussions with fans, info about your company, and your fans uploadig their photos to the page. What about specials, their community evolvement, or even commercials featuring the easy button… fans might like to respond to those things right?

Visit the page on your own account and let me know what you think!


One response to “Bad PR Example

  1. It’s been almost seven months since your post, but Staples has really improved their Facebook page. It’s definitely a much better example of good PR for Staples than the page you saw in April. For example, they have a whole section just for the “Easy Button” now, complete with TV advertisements and information about how Staples gives back to the community. “Every year, we donate all proceeds of the Easy Button, up to $1 million, to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.” Exactly what you suggested they should do, right?

    Not only have they added the “Easy Button” page, their wall has posts from Staples with pictures of Staples employees’ desks and asks fans to share pictures of their own desks on the page. Staples is truly engaging one public (its customers/fans) in a conversation. People are reading the posts, they are listening, and they are responding. Fans are commenting on wall posts and uploading pictures of their own. And it’s not just customers/fans, Staples employees are joining the conversation too. Staples is truly reaching some important publics.

    Staples also posts coupons, sale information, and special offers on the wall. This sparks action from customers and gets them to go to their local Staples store. In addition, Staples has added other content to its Facebook page such as a news page and links to things like the Staples Store Locator on its Website.

    Maybe when you looked at the page they had just created it? Or maybe they listened to Staples fans like you and realized they needed to step it up. Whatever the case, Staples’ Facebook page is a good example of PR.

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