Saturday’s List of Love

Taking note from Meg Fowler and her Friday love lists I decided to create my own on this beautiful day before exams truly and treacherously begin. So here’s mine for today what would yours be?

  • 80 degree weather
  • real fruit Popsicles
  • my internship in Charleston
  • my new house in Charleston
  • my girlfriends
  • sunbathing
  • clean, cold sheets
  • smell of leather
  • peanut butter and peperoni sandwiches (trust me they’re delicious)
  • horseback riding
  • adopting animalsdscn0492
  • the selflessness of a dog (see Seddie above)
  • hydrangeas
  • the colors salmon and mint green
  • a bright sundress (especially yellow, or the above)
  • spring cleaning
  • rearranging
  • high heels (particularly these)
  • sunkissed cheeks
  • a first kiss
  • Martina McBride music
  • a bright pink pedicure
  • shopping!
  • Audrey Hepburn – and everything associated
  • dreams of the future
  • traveling
  • Sedona, Arizona (where the name Seddie comes from)
  • love lists
  • love.

I could go on all day and night, it really makes ya happy to make a love list, I highly encourage it!

Post yours on your blog and link it here and to Meg’s blog so we can take a gander!

Happy Loving!


2 responses to “Saturday’s List of Love

  1. Hi there Erin!
    I wrote one too, making a love list does make you happy, doesn’t it?
    Tangerine Meg

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