Sweet & Salty

I’m sitting in Baked bakery and coffeehouse (who we-Byrdhouse-do PR for) and find myself marveling at the fact that I only have ONE MONTH left here in Charleston before I’m off to Garden City for two weeks then back to school at Clemson!

Where did the time go?

Is it possible I’ve learned so much in such a little time?

Do I really have 6 months until I graduate?

Ok ok ok pump the breaks….

First of all I need to fill everyone in on my internship with Byrdhouse and all the great things I’m learning and have had the opportunity to do. You can check out the website to see al the cool clients I’m working with but the main clients I have worked with this summer have been FIG Restaurant, Ted’s Butcher Block, Baked, and SunDog CatMoon.  Some of the cool things I’ve done for them is create media lists, contact media, write press releases, write media alerts, update facebook pages, do research on other competing businesses and also got to have a voice in any type of PR methods we were working with.  I have also had the opportunity to attend, set up, and see through a ground breaking ceremony and attend press conferences.

At a later date I’ll upload some of the documents I’ve worked on and fill ya in some more. But what has also been fervently on my mind as you can see from above is what I will do to secure a job after graduation.  I am also concurring that I might take another internship in the Spring before taking the plunge.  What has helped me a lot throughout this process is advice from fellow PR professionals and all the tips from CAREEREALISM through Twitter and their website.  I have started recieving their emails as well, which have great articles, answers to questions, and websites to help me out.  I highly suggest that everyone who is about to graduate join! (And to especially go through their handy 10 Step Job Searching process)

Well there’s a quick little blurb of life in Charleston and a suggestion to help all you other soon-to-be grads! Hope all your summer’s are going well, fill me in on your life and come visit me soon, I would love to have you!

PS: Why Sweet & Salty? I had one of these cupcakes while blogging here at Baked and its a medly of chocolate, runny carmel center, frosting, and sea salt.  Sounds like an odd combination but its honestly the best of all worlds and combines to be amazing.  So while life is so sweet but I have bitter thoughts of the future and a salty taste for the sea lingering in my mouth… I wouldn’t ask for more and it makes for a great combination!


One response to “Sweet & Salty

  1. Yo E! So at home bored and stumbled across your blog!? You have a blog?? Anyways, read a few posts and its really good! If you want I can give you the names of some PR recruiters that may be able to help you out. I’m friends with several girls that work in PR in Hollywood and could probably give you some advice. Not sure if they would be of much help in getting you a PR job in Chas or SC or wherever you want to live….unless you want to give Cali a shot! Hope summer is treatin you right

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