Katie Bell

I’m taking a personal moment out of my day and inserting it here  in this blog.  To give you a little bit of background information, my little baby cousin was diagnosed with leukemia two years to the date tomorrow.  She was only 8 1/2 months old.

Almost everyone knows someone who has, had or will get cancer and those who have dealt or are dealing with this situation realize the toll it can take not only on the person affected but family and friends as well.  Katie Bell is doing good, there have been some rough patches in her journey but she is still laughing and smiling like the happiest baby in the world, for this we are so blessed.  Through Katie Bell’s ups and downs my Aunt Karen has been documenting the process through her website on caringbridge.org and her words have brought so much inspiration to me so I felt that today I would share some of her words with you here:

Tomorrow will be 2 years since her diagnosis of infant leukemia.  It was scheduled to earmark the end of her chemotherapy treatments.  Due to the pneumonia, she has been off of chemo since Dec. 8th, but we will have technically reached the end of her therapy tomorrow.  It is a day that we have looked forward to for a long time.  For so many days, weeks and months, it is a day that seemed like ould never come.  It will be a much happier day than the actual last day of her chemo was.  I realize that we won’t know for a very long time whether this is the end to her treatment, but we are believing that it is and we are looking forward, all the while never forgetting where we have been.  It has been 2 years that we as parents will never forget.  It is 2 years that we hope Katie-Belle will never remember.  It will be 2 years that will still leave its’ mark on our whole family forever.  It is the reason that we will continue to fight cancer, not only for the moments that it stole from us , but for all the families that it continues to steal from each and every day.

I hope that anyone dealing with cancer takes Karen’s words to heart and realizes that a light at the end of the tunnel will begin to develop.  The amount of growth that has come into my family from this experience is indescribable.  I’ve seen the frustrated, sad, strong, but most of all faithful side of my family over these past two years.  It makes me so proud to have such a powerful web of people around me and so thankful for the gifts I have been given.

So I guess I want to just end this by saying never forget those who are there for you and be thankful for all you have, cuz lord knows I am!

Click here to donate to the St.Baldricks fundraiser that my cousin and Katie Bell’s brother will be shaving his head for! Here’s a picture of him last year:


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