Discovering New Media – SMC Greenville

I don’t by any means consider myself a social media expert and probably never will.  Social media is always changing, developing, improving and growing.  Last Monday I attended the Social Media Club of Greenville‘s February meeting where four presenters spoke to us on new and developing platforms.

Richard Peck (@peckUSA) spoke to us on, mostly comparing this site to Facebook and traditional email.  One thing that Peck said on Facebook invitations to events was that yes means maybe and maybe means no which I thought was an interesting and true point to make.  Yet meetup it is a site dedicated to the event itself with over 6.1 million users. For an example local to me check out the Greenville Wine Meetup site that 62 events have been organized through since it was established in March of 2008.

Our next guest was a recognizable face to those of us living in Greenville, Amy Wood (@tvAmy) from News Channel 7.  I was so glad that she spoke about Apps because this is one sector of social media that I use regularly but do not know much about.  From Wood’s presentation what I found most interesting was the low cost and ease in making an application.  She gave us the site where you can make Apps for $25.  You must remember though that quality, size, design and approval from Apple matter and can take weeks to be approved.

Russell Tripp (@russelltripp) spoke to us about hosting sites for online video.  And yes there are other ones outside of YouTube such as TubeMogul which allows many different types of video to be downloaded and from multiple types, it will actually transfer the correct type of video needed for you.

Lastly, Kim Madden (@MaddenKim) who summed up social media and set a hopeful tone for those exploring these platforms ended with speaking on her journey and success story.  Through SMC of Greenville, Madden discovered Flickr which she used to give a lotta life to The Bandana Company‘s new catalog.  This shows the power of grassroots campaigns in co-ordinance with social media. Below is one of my favorite pages from the catalog where Madden pulled most of the pictures from Flickr:

This post is long overdue but I wanted to makes sure to share what I’ve learned through these great speakers.  To watch a video of this meeting and see other feedback visit SMC Greenville’s website.  What new platforms are you using and exploring?  What kind of social media are you using in a new way?


3 responses to “Discovering New Media – SMC Greenville

  1. Hey Erin,

    Thanks for the info. I wanted to be at this meeting but wasn’t able because of class. I appreciate the recap!

  2. Thanks for the writeup! Unfortunately, maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my presentation of what TubeMogul actually is/does (I wanted to be sure I didn’t go past our time limit :).

    TubeMogul doesn’t host any video itself – it allows you to upload your video to multiple hosting sites (including YouTube) all from one place and then track statistics across all of them from a single interface.

    The point I was trying to get across about YouTube is that while you should definitely post any videos you want to share there, it’s focus on speed and massive amounts of competing video may make some of the other hosting options appealing places to concentrate on delivering specific types of videos (Howcast for “How-to” videos, for example).

    Hope that clears up any confusion!

    • Russell, thanks so much for the clarification! This has inspired me to make my next blog post include video so I can learn more about TubeMogul and YouTube, thanks again for your feedback.

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