An Ocean of Possibilities

The wind is dancing, the sun is brightly playing peek-a-boo and the ocean is skating across the white sandy beach from my balcony in Destin, FL during my last spring break. I realized that I needed to take this moment to write about all the happy news that has been going on recently.  Yes, I know, spring break is a happy occasion in and of itself but also on the list is my recent ENGAGEMENT and acceptance of a JOB as an Assistant Account Executive at Ferebee Lane and Company!

On Friday morning, I woke up early to find myself realizing that today I was going to meet with Josh Lane over coffee where I was hoping the idea of joining the team at Ferebee Lane and Compnay full-time would arise. And after that significant meeting, I would drive to my house and meet with my Mom to talk about a wedding budget and plans.  It was then I realized, when did I grow up?  So here’s a little look at this surprising excitement…

All I know is I’m glad I made the effort to get up early and look decent on the morning of February 18th!  By the time I finished working out, classes and a quick stop by the salon to get an eye brow wax my plan to be home by 5 to get ready to go to dinner with my best friend, Barbara, was cutting it thin.  When I blew through the door she quickly followed me to my room to approve of my outfit for our little night out.  She disapproved of all of them and ended up handing me a pink JCrew dress she wore to Cup the year before, on the day I met Ryan Phillips.

We hustled out the door and I didn’t realize, but the next time I would step back into my house I would be an engaged woman!  After a few minutes of driving she pulled over in the very nice restaurant, Calhoun Corners.  My excitement that we were eating here tonight was quickly deterred when she replied, “This is where you’re going to hate me”, and I was blindfolded.  The next 15 minutes consisted of what I felt was some heavy off-roading, and after rolling off a curb and onto ground again we stopped.

I then proceeded to walk/trip down what felt like a million steps.  I was on my way to meeting Ryan on the field in Death Valley.

My blindfold was removed and there he was.  The scared look on his face that almost made him unrecognizable still didn’t take away from the fact that I thought he was the most handsome man on earth.  I walked over to him and he pulled out a piece of yellow ripped out legal pad paper, a classic Ryan thing to do.  After reading to me words that I couldn’t remember for the life of me two seconds later, he got down on one knee and said, “With the blessing of your Dad and Papa, Will You Marry Me?”.

Of course you know the outcome… but what I didn’t expect was his attention to detail!  Ryan got Mykal to shoot the whole proposal (and y’all I’m so glad he did, otherwise I might not believe that this dream is a reality), the ring was 2.18 karats for the date 2/18, when climbing into his truck I realized the bridal magazines and flowers he had laid there, after arriving back at my house we soon headed to dinner with our closest friends and the next day set out for the city where we fell in love, Charleston.

It’s been happy planning since then, and I have to say, I think I could get used to this being engaged thing! With my new job at hand as well, I now feel a little more prepared for that thing that people refer to as the “real world”.  But who knows, just take this as your warning that from now on this blog will be filled with wedding details and life as a new hire!


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