Horses, Hats and Hubbabaloo

I’m starting to see a trend here… more and more this blog is beginning to become a Discovering My Life blog instead of Discovering PR which it started out to be in my Junior year PR class. But I just can’t help but share last weekend’s adventures with you!

One year ago from last Saturday I attended a very rainy Carolina Cup and met Ryan, my now fiance.  It actually turns out he is from the town, Camden, where the horse race is held so this year we went with all 29ish of our friends and stayed at his house for the whole weekend. It was a blast!

This is me and Ryan. We celebrated the day with our signature drink too, Peach Firefly and Lemonade yum (which we are definitely serving at the wedding)!

This is my group of girls that all came down: Me, Katie, Laura, Leslie and Barbara, oh and don’t forget about Cotton down there!  (from left to right) (can’t ya just feel our Lilly love)

At the Clemson Pike’s tailgate: Barbara, Jason, Katie, Trey and Me (from left to right)

This is my silly fiance, he thinks he can pull it off too.

It was kinda bittersweet because it was the day we met a year ago but it is also the last year we would pitch our tent in College Park.

Oh well, we made sure to live it up! Annnd do Grad students count? Because, drum roll please…… Ryan got into the Clemson MBA Program last weekend too!!! Yay, we have our after-graduation lives on the right track 🙂


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