Let the Belly Busting Begin

Yes, we made a meal out of our tasting.  Who ever knew that the mix of yummy goodness that Gigi’s catering provided at our first tasting would substitute for my late evening meal of a Lean Cuisine. But, hey, I am SO not complaining!

This part of wedding planning Ryan really enjoyed.  And while we don’t want to say that we have a theme, our southern roots run strong and we want people to enjoy the heartiness that comes along with southern comfort food.  Weather permitting, our reception will be outside and we want our guests to feel like they can kick off their shoes and be, and as Tim McGraw says, “country boys and girls gettin down on the farm”.

Below are some of my favorite inspirations from the food side of things:

This is a shrimp and grits bar… Ryan and I decided this is a must!

We want to have sliders grilled fresh along with marinated chicken tenders.  The one’s we tried at Gigi’s had yummy onions on them like the ones above (and I don’t even like onions!).

Fried Green Tomatoes anyone? I found this on a photographers site and liked the idea…

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without sweet tea in a mason jar! We might switch it up though and go with the caterer’s cups and put candles in the mason jars down long tables.

We have more caterers to try out but I will have to say, the first one was a success… just ask our busting bellies!


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