About Me!

Hello blogosphere!

I’m Erin Sanders and welcome to my blog! This blog was originally created for my Comm 355: Principles of Public Relations class and I am slowly but surely evolving it from the classroom to my life and my adventures on the road of discovering PR.

During my current internship at Ferebee Lane I was asked to create a bio for the website.  I thought it would be nice to post it here as well:

“As long as you have a nice box of grits, you have a side dish waiting to happen, on so many levels.” – Paula Deen

With a knack for all things southern, this girl raised in upstate South Carolina fills a cup full of her time “cookin’” but also managed to get an array of internships under her apron too.

Erin’s string of internships started with the non-profit Main Street Deli before moving to Charleston, SC to join the “nest” at Byrdhouse PR.

Maybe home really is where the heart is or maybe Erin just couldn’t wait to get her hands on a shiny Bimmer, so she headed back to the Upstate to intern with BMW Manufacturing Co.

With graduation in May, Erin joined the growing team at Ferebee Lane as an intern where she still has at least one hand on the wheel working with BMW and other clients such as the Greenville Hospital System.

So y’all remember now to put a little South in your mouth (and in your driveway).

I absolutely adore your feedback and interaction so please feel free to leave comments!

Until next time,



One response to “About Me!

  1. Hi Erin,

    I’m here to give you feedback and comments and teach you about blogging. Here’s a tip: you can go to Settings (top right link on your WordPress dashboard) and under the General tab, you can change you tagline, so it doesn’t read “Just another WordPress blog.”

    But for now, welcome to the blogosphere and enjoy!

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