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Get a Clue.

This semester is over, I’m officially a senior and unlike a lot of my friends I’m not taking the super senior route but I’m actually shortening my stay in college.  Trust me this is not by choice but more of a feeling of obligation, check out my previous post Aaahh Freak Out! for more details.  So here I go, planning for the real world… the real grown up get my own job, house, insurance kinda world.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have a great internship in Charleston this summer with Byrdhouse PR and actually just acquired a waitressing job to earn some extra cash at the Swamp Fox restaurant located in the Francis Marion Hotel.  So things are going good on that end but I’m feeling really pressured to start looking for jobs and to start setting up interviews for the fall so that I have a job upon graduation.

With all these ideas buzzing around my head and my to-do list growing at a steady pace everyday, I can’t help but feel a little bit relieved when I wander across a new story on the Clue Wagon blog.  The most recent story is of Harold who sounds like he is failing miserably at job and home life.  While this may sound depressing you should check it out for yourself because author and former Human Resource executive, Kerry Sandberg Scott, ads just the right amount of humor and enthusiasm to the stories.  It will have you saying of  your worst interview “Hey, it wasn’t THAT bad”.

So if you too are a recent grad, an almost grad, or are just on the job hunt check out the Clue Wagon and even follow her on twitter (@ClueWagon) to take the edge off a little… in a healthy way that is.

Happy Searching!


Aaahh Freak Out!

While this song Le Freak by Chic doesn’t necissarily capture how I feel, I can’t help but sing it in rotation in my head whenever I think about my new graduation plans.  Thats right… graduation.  In December. Ugh.

When my advisor told me that I only needed 13 more hours to graduate I immediately started searching for ways to extend my time at Clemson because I never thought my stay here would only last 31/2 years.  After some heavy weighing out of classes, hours, and resources I’ve decided it really does make sense.

So, here’s my plan… I’ll take my last 13 hours (and add some for good measure) in the fall and stay in Clemson with the hopes of snagging an internship in Greenville so I can commute and still enjoy my last semester in Clemson.

But why does this matter to all of you? Well I thought I would share with you some people who have given me guidance, while they may not know it, through their tweets and just general conversation.

First off, I have to mention Byrdhouse PR and the owner Annie Byrd (@byrdhouse) for extending to me their summer 2009 internship! This is going to be a great opportunity to learn more skills to prepare me for graduation and I definitely look forward to blogging about it!

Next, here’s a good list of people to visit on Twitter to follow to help you with PR advice, decisions, and more:

  • @danschawbel – follow him on twitter for his great insights and links
  • @skimtheocean – she is a Clemson alum after all, but offers great PR advice and other entertaining tweets
  • @prprof_mv – my PR professor who is there to answer any questions
  • @CAREERALISM  – advice from top career professionals, provides great links
  • @heatherhuhman – she helps others find internships and other entry-level jobs
  • @jspepper – keen to answering my questions on PR and all the gadgets associated

These are just a really small assortment of people but I hope this is a start that helps you if you are graduating now, soon, later, or have already graduated! Check out my profile as well too to see who else I’m following!

And for your entertainment (hope you don’t get it stuck in you head) here’s a little video:

Why not join the Peace Corps?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself lately.  No really, it sounds hokey and tree-huggerish but I’m for real.

Here’s my thought process:

  • I’m not married, don’t have kids, and do not have a job lined up upon graduation.  Which is in one year. Therefore, I’m not attached or held down by anything.
  • Jobs are down, salaries are down.
  • What is 2 years out of a lifespan?
  • Imagine the resources and help I could bring to an underprivileged area that I have acquired from my life spent in higher education.
  • I’ve never been out of the country or even lived outside this state.
  • I have teaching experience and understanding of Spanish.
  • I would love the challenge it would bring.
  • I’m too spoiled and sheltered (see above) this would really open things up.
  • They give you a $6000 stipend when you get home to emerge back into the states.
  • You have medical and dental coverage.

Those are the pros but there are SO many cons I’m trying to stay optimistic…

  • You have to go for two years.
  • You do not get to pick where you go and who you go with (if you go with anyone at all). There is an exception if you’re married.
  • You live like the people you are helping, mud houses, no running water, etc.
  • Communication with those back home is not as easy as an email or call.
  • I’ve never packed for a long vacation in less than one bag, no heels, no makeup bag and hair straightener.  I’ve always had heat, AC, running water, clean water, a grocery store full of food, lots of friends and family nearby, etc. (this is the spoiled part).
  • Crazy bugs we’re not used to.
  • Language barriers (these are the sheltered parts).
  • Its kinda really super scary.

Like I said, there are lots of cons but wow the pros and wouldn’t it be such a great life experience so, why not?

Well what I am wondering is what would employers think when I get back?  Is this a resume booster? Would it be hard to jump back into ther real world and into a real job?  Is this a bad time for a break, should I go do PR first and then take a step back so I have the experience?

I don’t know, lots of things to think about and they tell you to apply 9-12 months before you wish to go which is getting closer by the day.

What do you guys think? I really would love to hear your thoughts from students like myself and from pr professionals and those that would hire all of us students…

Hope I’ve made you think a little about expanding your boundaries and taking a leap, even if its not as drastic as joining the peace corps!

In Your “Face”

Recently while aimlessly watching Food Network, which sadly comsumes a large part of my life, I came accross a very interesting commercial…

Hope you thought it was as peculiar as I did that this was a commercial for Dentyne gum, but thats besides the point. Its pretty cool huh? So this led me to start thinking about social responsibility and if we were more responsible for our interactions in social settings before all the technology (computers, cell phones, etc.) or more responsible after when so many outlets are available to us?

Take for example the movie trailer for  He’s Just Not That Into You
where Drew Barrymore is excited that a guy myspaced her, to which her male colleague then responds that “myspace is the new booty call” . After seeing this and thinking that its probably true (good thing I don’t have myspace :)), I came to the conclusion that we are held accountable for every move and decision when it comes to social media now adays. Before, if he didn’t call, he didn’t call, end of story. But now, he could text you, myspace you, facebook you, etc. How available we have become!

So what do you think? Think we were more responsible for our interactions when all we had was a home phone to call and plan a soiree with a few friends? Or are we more responsible now when one can invite you through a facebook event or text you to remind you and make last minte plans?

New Years Non-Resolutions

Well I told myself that this year I would not make New Years resolutions… but I kinda did.

I was just going to focus on being “healthier” not losing weight exactly.

I was just going to try and stay a little more in-touch with social media not  blog once per a week exactly.

I was going to try and be a better Christian not go on two retreats a semester exactly.

I was going to be a better student not study three hours minimum a day exactly.

Sounds like resolutions though huh. Well what I see this all boiling down to is that its human nature to have lists, goals, resolutions. Even if we say we don’t have exact New Years resolutions we always have something in mind, something to strive towards. And yes… these non-resolutions have been broken, but in context many have been kept.

Its a new semester, a new year, and I’m ready to be a better person all around, to channel my inner Miss America, my inner Mother Teresa, and my inner Bill Gates.

Who are you channeling this year? Go on, don’t be afraid fill in the blank ________.

Oh the glass is still half full!

Well, I’m another year older and let me tell ya its a good thing I’m not a debbie downer or I would be in big trouble.  The comment that resounded around my 21st birthday was something to the effect of “man you outta enjoy it now because all birthdays are downhill after this one”. Great. Thanks guys, good to hear?

I say boo on you, I’ve got a whole huge life ahead of me and I’m ready to live it! Sure there’s no marks by law anmore that I have to breech, besides social security maybe, but I have so much more in store. Just think ,this is my twenties which hopefully be full of graduations, celebrations, friends, love, marriage, traveling, a new job, a new home and so much more.

Sure the days of sleeping in, mommy made pancakes, and the Little Mermaid may be behind me but let me tell you I’m looking forward to it and with a new birthday behind me and new year comming, its  just the way to celebrate this exciting decade!

So, I ask you… is your glass still half full? Are you living like its almost, it is, or it was your twenties!? Every step in life is interesting if you ask me, as long as you’re living it. Now go out there, get excited, feel young, sexy and full of potential woooo hoooooo watch out world here we come (and our glasses are full of bubbly champagne)!!!!

Playing Catch-up…

I feel like I should add a disclaimer to the beginning of this post but… I’m not. Its life and I’ve been living it for awhile without social media and fortunately I found that I kinda like life better with social media.

So… here goes a much needed post. Yay! I’m back and hopefully better than ever 🙂

First off, I need to tell everyone out there about my amazing experience I had interviewing Bunny Richardson, Senior Specialist of Community Relations at BMW Manufacturing Co. We went over a few questions that I thought students might find helpful to know from the “other side”. Especially from a PR and Communication viewpoint.  These are the questions I asked:

1. Please tell us about yourself. Where did you go to school? What did you study? What experiences led to your job at BMW?
2. What kind of public relations does the Communication department at BMW deal with?
3. What means of social media (blogs, twitter, delicious, fliker, etc.) are you and your team using?
4. What are the top three things you look for in an intern?
5. What classes are beneficial to students looking to intern for you?
6. What can students do during college to prepare themselves best for the job market?
7. Do you view students who have studied abroad differently than those who have not?

To the above questions what I found most applicable to students was the fact that the golden tickets to a great interview are simple.

  • Do your research on the company in which you are interviewing.
  • Writing skills are key in communication so show them off with sample writings you give along with your application and bring them to the interview (review them before hand so you remember what you wrote!)
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions… and in actuality you should have intelligent ones anyway (How does your staff work as a team? etc.)

I was also interested to find out that BMW works with the PR team at Jackson Dawson and outside of their interactive website does not get involved with twitter and blogs.

~This interview was recorded but I’m having “technical difficulties” as they say in getting it to post on my blog… any suggestions?~

Secondly, I got an internship! So exciting, its a dream first internship for me.  I am highly interested in non-profit PR and Main Street Deli is a non-profit deli in the nearby town of Central, SC. The proceeds from their deli sales go to a program the owners have created deemed “The Bridge” which provides fun, non-alcoholic, and great activities for college kids like swing dancing and the oh-so-popular rock band challenges.  Oh and did I mention that they only have the best food EVER… and the cheapest and best coffee in town!! I really couldn’t ask for more.

In the next couple months I will be creating a blog for them, getting them more interactive with their twitter account, and other outlets like facebook and myspace.  So keep an eye out and please please please give me feedback and advice!!

Wow this post has turned out to be longer than expected so I’ll spare you and end it here… but I won’t be disappearing any time soon again! I just have so much to share and so much I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on!

PS: I got elfed! haha My friend Augie elfed my roomie and I… so hilarious! You should do all your friends and send it to them its a guaranteed ab-worker-outter!