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Sweet & Salty

I’m sitting in Baked bakery and coffeehouse (who we-Byrdhouse-do PR for) and find myself marveling at the fact that I only have ONE MONTH left here in Charleston before I’m off to Garden City for two weeks then back to school at Clemson!

Where did the time go?

Is it possible I’ve learned so much in such a little time?

Do I really have 6 months until I graduate?

Ok ok ok pump the breaks….

First of all I need to fill everyone in on my internship with Byrdhouse and all the great things I’m learning and have had the opportunity to do. You can check out the website to see al the cool clients I’m working with but the main clients I have worked with this summer have been FIG Restaurant, Ted’s Butcher Block, Baked, and SunDog CatMoon.  Some of the cool things I’ve done for them is create media lists, contact media, write press releases, write media alerts, update facebook pages, do research on other competing businesses and also got to have a voice in any type of PR methods we were working with.  I have also had the opportunity to attend, set up, and see through a ground breaking ceremony and attend press conferences.

At a later date I’ll upload some of the documents I’ve worked on and fill ya in some more. But what has also been fervently on my mind as you can see from above is what I will do to secure a job after graduation.  I am also concurring that I might take another internship in the Spring before taking the plunge.  What has helped me a lot throughout this process is advice from fellow PR professionals and all the tips from CAREEREALISM through Twitter and their website.  I have started recieving their emails as well, which have great articles, answers to questions, and websites to help me out.  I highly suggest that everyone who is about to graduate join! (And to especially go through their handy 10 Step Job Searching process)

Well there’s a quick little blurb of life in Charleston and a suggestion to help all you other soon-to-be grads! Hope all your summer’s are going well, fill me in on your life and come visit me soon, I would love to have you!

PS: Why Sweet & Salty? I had one of these cupcakes while blogging here at Baked and its a medly of chocolate, runny carmel center, frosting, and sea salt.  Sounds like an odd combination but its honestly the best of all worlds and combines to be amazing.  So while life is so sweet but I have bitter thoughts of the future and a salty taste for the sea lingering in my mouth… I wouldn’t ask for more and it makes for a great combination!


Aaahh Freak Out!

While this song Le Freak by Chic doesn’t necissarily capture how I feel, I can’t help but sing it in rotation in my head whenever I think about my new graduation plans.  Thats right… graduation.  In December. Ugh.

When my advisor told me that I only needed 13 more hours to graduate I immediately started searching for ways to extend my time at Clemson because I never thought my stay here would only last 31/2 years.  After some heavy weighing out of classes, hours, and resources I’ve decided it really does make sense.

So, here’s my plan… I’ll take my last 13 hours (and add some for good measure) in the fall and stay in Clemson with the hopes of snagging an internship in Greenville so I can commute and still enjoy my last semester in Clemson.

But why does this matter to all of you? Well I thought I would share with you some people who have given me guidance, while they may not know it, through their tweets and just general conversation.

First off, I have to mention Byrdhouse PR and the owner Annie Byrd (@byrdhouse) for extending to me their summer 2009 internship! This is going to be a great opportunity to learn more skills to prepare me for graduation and I definitely look forward to blogging about it!

Next, here’s a good list of people to visit on Twitter to follow to help you with PR advice, decisions, and more:

  • @danschawbel – follow him on twitter for his great insights and links
  • @skimtheocean – she is a Clemson alum after all, but offers great PR advice and other entertaining tweets
  • @prprof_mv – my PR professor who is there to answer any questions
  • @CAREERALISM  – advice from top career professionals, provides great links
  • @heatherhuhman – she helps others find internships and other entry-level jobs
  • @jspepper – keen to answering my questions on PR and all the gadgets associated

These are just a really small assortment of people but I hope this is a start that helps you if you are graduating now, soon, later, or have already graduated! Check out my profile as well too to see who else I’m following!

And for your entertainment (hope you don’t get it stuck in you head) here’s a little video:

Real World PR ‘O9


Okay so here they are… my posts on my experiences at Real World PR! I have so much info and amazing experiences to share that I had no idea how I was going to fit them all into one blog post without droning on. But, thanks to my fellow student, Madison Fisher, I have found the solution to use multiple blog posts.

Hope you enjoy, comment, and have lots of intriguing questions!

But before I begin telling you all about the yummy fruit and muffin breakfast accompanied with the “Meet the Media” panel discussion, I have to comment on the interesting ride we had on the way to the conference. Caitlin Greeley courageously volunteered to risk the crazy Atlanta traffic and drive me and Meg Reid to Real World. Granted, we left at five a.m. and didn’t really hit that much traffic, but I have to give Caitlin and her GPS props for driving through those often unpredictable streets. We may have passed the location a couple times in a round about way and gotten lost in the ghetto on the way back but I have to say, I shared some really interesting conversations and thoughts with those girls. So thanks ladies, good times!

Anyways, the morning started off with the perfect breakfast, the contents of which I told ya about above and while we were all finishing up and still sipping on our Coke products and coffees, three panelists from CNN took the stage. Victor Hernandes (@vhernandezcnn) the Director of Coverage for CNN, Lila King (@lilacina) the Senior Producer of User Participation for cnn.com and iReport.com, and lastly, Jennifer Martin (@jencnnpr) the Director of PR at CNN.

These three talked extensively about the presidental election this year and how it differentiated from the past years in reference to the country’s voices through social media.

Some points I thought were interesting to list were:

1. In the ’08 campaign people met in the middle. Obama sent a text announcing his VP, people were not just listening but responding, and most of their questions and responses were much diffent than those asked by your every-day news reporter.
2. Different examples of twitter use. Obama used it strongly and effectively to communicate day-to-day happenings, not just what was going on with the campaign. McCain used it strictly for politics and specifics dealing with his campaign and was less successful. Yet, McCain’s daughter, Megan, who I have mentioned before on my blog, used her blogging skills very effectively.
3. Use technology & social media to your benefit. It was suggested that students strongly emphasize their knowledge of social media and technology in interviews and in real life.
4. “Slice of human life”. This is what twitter is and should be used to display.

Well, there ya have it, the first round of panel discussions we six Clemson students attended including me, Madison, Caitlin, Meg, Lauren, and Rachel. We all had our days planned, our sessions we were going to attend starred, and our resume critiquing sessions scheduled… watch out Real World PR we were there to take you by storm!

Stay tuned for…

* Agency or Corporate
* Non-Profit and Corporate Social Responsibility PR
* Heather Oldani with McDonalds
* More than “Invitations 101”: Event Planning

Responses: Engaging the Blogosphere

Dr. V asked us to respond to two questions related to engaging the blogoshpere which we recently discussed in class.

  1. How would you engage the bloggers in the Edelman Autheniticities cases?
  2. How would you advise a small, local yoga studio, an animal shelter, a small pizza restaurant, and/or a bathroom decor store to blog? Can you think of a niche and an angle? What topics would you recommend they write about? How could they engage their publics online?

In reply to the Edelman Autheniticities cases on engaging the bloggers here are a few of my ideas:

Justin: It seems to me that at this particular moment Justin is most interested in his development as a video blogger on video games. Being that I do not know much about most video games but quite enjoy a tenis or boxing match on wii I might engage him by asking his favorite wii sport or even how he feels on the version of rock band for wii compared to that for xbox. In other words, I would ask for advice, I would ask for his opinion because obviously he wishes to be heard and believes he has something to say about video gaming. After I have established this platform with him I would begin to speak with him on some of his other interests, like the election since he is an avid Democrat.

Victoria: The most interesting thing that strikes me about Victoria is all her experience in blogging and how she has gotten a chance to see it evolve. I would engage her by asking precisely about the evolution of blogs, and emergence and importance of other social media such as twiter and facebook. Later, I could continue this engagement by speaking with and interacting with her on these outlets and also by asking about her home town and various conferences she might attend.

Cindy: This particular blogger seems like she draws a tight line and you need to be very careful not to fall on the wrong side of this.  To engage Cindy, I would explain that I am a college student and was wondering how I could help to spread the word of her blog on campus and give her good PR amoung students who may need help with this issue. I do feel like many suffer through this and do not have the means or courage to stand up for themselves and with Cindy’s help could gain that means of communication and courage.

Moving on to the second question:

I recently recieved an email from Eddie Smith about Main Street Deli in Central, SC that is part of The Bridge at Clemson student ministry. They are in need of a PR representative to help them by attending a once a month meeting, festivals, etc. One thing that they did not post they needed help with was a blog. I ventured further on their website and did not find a link to a blog so I called the number attached to the email to get more information and see if I could lend some of my skills I have learned through class this year. While I have not heard back yet here are some ideas I would have for them:

  • Since they are about student ministry they can post upcoming events and a calander of bible studies etc.
  • Post topics of thought, maybe even bible verses for followers to comment on.
  • Connect with other student ministries at other Universities.
  • Upload their menus and post specials.
  • They can do a recipie contest or a bake sale along the lines of “Goodies for God” and get sign-ups and ideas through their followers.
  • Also, I would want to help them get active on twitter and all of the students as well who are part of this group.

I think this would definately appeal to the students and make ministry seem a little more hip as well, especially in connection with the Deli.

Got any other great ideas or feedback, let me know!