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Chapter 13 Readings

The title of this chapter is “Public Relations and Marketing”. I found this chapter very interesting because I was not fully aware of the difference between the two practices. Here are some of the main points from chapter thirteen:

  • Mass media is declining due to an increase in individualized communication such as email and text messaging.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) – one of the most popular forms of consumer-focused marketing. (IMC focuses on the individual specifically, uses databases and a variety of approaches)
  • 3 Pillars of IMC: – Advertising (controlled)   – Marketing (research, creating, refining, & promoting) -Public Relations (relationships, many publics)

In addition to chapter 13, we as a class also took a look at Bill Sledzik’s blog on what PR is NOT. In this blog it was mainly stressed how PR is above and beyond all things NOT marketing! It was an interesting blog, filled with down-to-earth language and definitions that I found very helpful in conjunction with my reading from the book.  For example, Sledzik cites marketing’s main goal is to “move product through the pipeline”.

Visit the blogger himself at: toughsledding.wordpress.com