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Saturday’s List of Love

Taking note from Meg Fowler and her Friday love lists I decided to create my own on this beautiful day before exams truly and treacherously begin. So here’s mine for today what would yours be?

  • 80 degree weather
  • real fruit Popsicles
  • my internship in Charleston
  • my new house in Charleston
  • my girlfriends
  • sunbathing
  • clean, cold sheets
  • smell of leather
  • peanut butter and peperoni sandwiches (trust me they’re delicious)
  • horseback riding
  • adopting animalsdscn0492
  • the selflessness of a dog (see Seddie above)
  • hydrangeas
  • the colors salmon and mint green
  • a bright sundress (especially yellow, or the above)
  • spring cleaning
  • rearranging
  • high heels (particularly these)
  • sunkissed cheeks
  • a first kiss
  • Martina McBride music
  • a bright pink pedicure
  • shopping!
  • Audrey Hepburn – and everything associated
  • dreams of the future
  • traveling
  • Sedona, Arizona (where the name Seddie comes from)
  • love lists
  • love.

I could go on all day and night, it really makes ya happy to make a love list, I highly encourage it!

Post yours on your blog and link it here and to Meg’s blog so we can take a gander!

Happy Loving!


Oh the glass is still half full!

Well, I’m another year older and let me tell ya its a good thing I’m not a debbie downer or I would be in big trouble.  The comment that resounded around my 21st birthday was something to the effect of “man you outta enjoy it now because all birthdays are downhill after this one”. Great. Thanks guys, good to hear?

I say boo on you, I’ve got a whole huge life ahead of me and I’m ready to live it! Sure there’s no marks by law anmore that I have to breech, besides social security maybe, but I have so much more in store. Just think ,this is my twenties which hopefully be full of graduations, celebrations, friends, love, marriage, traveling, a new job, a new home and so much more.

Sure the days of sleeping in, mommy made pancakes, and the Little Mermaid may be behind me but let me tell you I’m looking forward to it and with a new birthday behind me and new year comming, its  just the way to celebrate this exciting decade!

So, I ask you… is your glass still half full? Are you living like its almost, it is, or it was your twenties!? Every step in life is interesting if you ask me, as long as you’re living it. Now go out there, get excited, feel young, sexy and full of potential woooo hoooooo watch out world here we come (and our glasses are full of bubbly champagne)!!!!