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Is you is or is you ain’t: Social Media Expert

I recently happened across a blog post by Dave Fleet where he reviewed eight general questions he would ask a social media expert, here’s a run down of the questions:

1. Can you give me an example of social media work you’ve completed for a client recently?

2. How do you go about pitching bloggers?

3. How do you monitor what people are saying about you?

4. Where can I find you online?

5. Can you write my blog for me?

6. How do you measure results?

7. How would you define social media?

8. Can you just pretend to be me online?

So why have I found this particularly interesting and pertinent to me as a student? Well, I have put on my resume, along with many of my other classmates I’m sure, that I am experienced in social media.  But if I get asked one of the above questions in an interview do I know how to respond correctly and am I really as experienced as I think?

Fleet gives what responses you should look for a social media expert to say or to not say.  Many are pretty humorous like his response to number one:

1. Can you give me an example of social media work you’ve completed for a client recently?

If you hear anything other than “yes, here’s a good example” then back away slowly. Or not so slowly.

What I have taken from this post is that just knowing social media is not enough.  You must also know how to apply the social media techniques that we have learned.  You must also know before going into an interview how your skills can specifically help that company.  For example, I learned from an interview with Bunny Richardson that BMW does not engage too much in social media but they do monitor what is said about them in social media.  So, for this particular instance, one would need to know how to search blogs, twitter, articles etc.

I hope this helped my fellow students think about what to do with your knowledge of social media.  So go on out there and strut your stuff, but just do it a little more tactfully.  Leave some other suggestions and ideas I would love to hear them!


In Your “Face”

Recently while aimlessly watching Food Network, which sadly comsumes a large part of my life, I came accross a very interesting commercial…

Hope you thought it was as peculiar as I did that this was a commercial for Dentyne gum, but thats besides the point. Its pretty cool huh? So this led me to start thinking about social responsibility and if we were more responsible for our interactions in social settings before all the technology (computers, cell phones, etc.) or more responsible after when so many outlets are available to us?

Take for example the movie trailer for  He’s Just Not That Into You
where Drew Barrymore is excited that a guy myspaced her, to which her male colleague then responds that “myspace is the new booty call” . After seeing this and thinking that its probably true (good thing I don’t have myspace :)), I came to the conclusion that we are held accountable for every move and decision when it comes to social media now adays. Before, if he didn’t call, he didn’t call, end of story. But now, he could text you, myspace you, facebook you, etc. How available we have become!

So what do you think? Think we were more responsible for our interactions when all we had was a home phone to call and plan a soiree with a few friends? Or are we more responsible now when one can invite you through a facebook event or text you to remind you and make last minte plans?

Response to Online Applications

Tonight I explored 50 Online Applications and Sites to Consider by Chris Brogan.  I feel like I must first start out by saying… WOW I am utterly amazed by the vast amount of social media applications out there. It also amazed me how so many people are connecting in so many different ways, technology in this sense is truly brilliant.

Some cool sites I did not know about or use:

  • plurk- “social journal”
  • seesmic- video conversations
  • digg- creates competition and gives stats
  • librarything- connect, share, and read books with others
  • twitter search- type in keyword to find conversations
  • skitch- copy/paste images right from a browser window!!
  • vimeo- had some really cool videos

Sites I knew and loved:

  • facebook- popular social networking
  • twitter-create conversations
  • wordpress- where I blog
  • delicious- still exploring this actually, but like it so far…
  • pandora- I have this on my phone and am in love forever, my Justin Nozuka radio station is my favorite
  • youtube- who couldn’t love this, so many interesting videos

Sites I did not like (mostly because they were not what I have listed below):

  • sphinn- looks cheap and like it contains many advertisements
  • readdit- too messy

Things I found helpful on new sites:

  • When the “about” or information on a certain website is easily seen or accessible.
  • When they state how they are different.
  • When it is evident they are connected to other sites.
  • Most of all, when they are well organized and not overcrowded and messy.

A couple of questions developed while I was looking at these sites:

  1. What is a good basic definition of hosting, I’m kind of confused here?
  2. Why are such sites as twitter, delicious, myspace, and facebook so popular?

BB Readings: Sept. 25th

The first blog that I checked out for our blackboard readings today is Katie Paine’s blog on measuring PR.  I think one of the main posts that interested me the most was the post linking me to the information on how social media is used by nearly 70% of adults.  I found this post very interesting because it points out that there are so many different forms of social media out there today.  I was thinking with a narrow mind because I was only thinking of the new arenas that I have learned about in class such as twitter, blogs, and PROpenmic. Outside of these outlets are facebook, youtube, and even ebay that I was not even considering because I participate in them so regularly.

On that note, we also read Paull Young’s post on his Charity:water social media case study.  One point that Paull noted was that facebook was far less effective than twitter and I think the very fact that I took facebook for granted as social media in the before paragraph is a good indication why this outlett was uneffective for the case study.  To embellish, I go to facebook every now and then, maybe not even every day just to see if someone has written on my wall or posted pictures of me etc. because I do not recieve emails, or I might visit the site for a specific reason, like to message someone for example.  The only time I look at birthdays is if I have some free time and see the link on the side. More particularly, on the new facebook it is even harder to find the birthdays so I am not as accustomed to this.  With twitter, on the other hand, all it is composed of is the statuses of different people so that is what I am going there to find and to view, plus it is not complicated and is updated regularly for me.  Therefore, I enjoyed this post and the information found between facebook and twitter. Lets hope all social media does not grow this “lazy” with me…

Found: PROpenmic helps with Internships and so much more!

Being that I have not dedicated much of my time to PROpenmic thus far, I decided to try and figure it out by browsing through the different areas a little more. One of the most interesting finds of the day for me has been the group Jobs & Internships.  I just posted on some collected tips acquired from two different sources on internships. I wish I would have discovered this sector of PROpenmic before I posted the blog because it is a great discussion board where students and professionals can go to post, for students, seeking “ad’s” where they can upload their resume and sample writings and link to their blogs and twitter accounts so that companies looking to hire can easily access their work.  For professionals, they may upload a brief summary of their company and what they are looking for along with links to their blogs or websites.

On a side note, one of the companies that I checked out through this group is Affect Strategies located in New York. Their company interested me foremost because of their location and this lead me to look at their website where I found a very interesting press release they did on twitter and the ten reasons why a comany should use this form of social media.  This particularly interested me because I am so new to twitter myself that it was good to see why it is important for companies, who in the future will hopefully be hiring me, to use this outlet. It even lists other “micro-blogging” sites that could be useful to a company such as Pownce and Plurk.

Now, go check everything out, I hope you find it interesting as well!

Collected Tips on Interning:

On September 4th, 2008 in Dr. V’s intro to PR class we got a chance to speak with Kipp Bodnar for a duration of time. During this call with him he spoke on things that employers look for in an intern. Some of the highlights included:

  • Important to be involved in social media through blogging.
  • Read! News, broad readings, or for pleasure.
  • Know your accomplishments and be able to speak on them.

Additionally, I found a post from the podcast Inside PR (#105). This post was made on April 1st 2008 and was on the issue entitled “Hiring Interns: the good the bad and the marvelous”.  From this podcast I pulled out the following important points:

  • Again, active in social media.
  • Volunteer and Service work is key (even if you do not have too much comm experience).
  • Attitude (would rather work with someone with a good attitude than a lot of skill).
  • Have good email etiquette.
  • Bad things to do: Say you do not want to do admin work, this is a stepping stone to law school, and don’t list such detailed info as your Elementary school…

I thought these points were very interesting, I’ll let you know if I find more and if anyone else has anything to offer please reply, I would love to hear more pointers!