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“I’m only brave in text”

Lately I have been noticing a trend… whether good or bad I will let you decide. Here is what has been on my mind on the subject of bravery in text.

Whether it be through blogs, facebook, instant messaging, twittering, or even text messages people are becoming “brave” through these outlets. Many feel able to express their “true selves” and ideas through the sources listed above. Why? Maybe we are more willing to address someone if we cannot see how they can physically and emotionaly react… or maybe we’re just tired of being in a bubble and these are our vices?

Now, how does this begin to affect PR I’m beginning to wonder? Are companies going to be more willing to say in text and blog they are one way but truly be a different company when they come into contact with a human being?

Let me know your thoughts, I’m finding this topic very interesting…